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John Adams - CEO China Financial Services

John Adams - CEO China Financial ServicesJohn Adams was previously the Manager for China at the Bank of England, where he worked from 1973 to 1994 on such areas as Basle I, repayment of Chinese defaulted bonds, and Banking Supervisory Policy. He was subsequently Adviser for China at West Merchant Bank, a London investment bank, specialising in power sector financing. He now runs China Financial Services, a consultancy providing advice to the financial sector in London and China.   

He was also previously Technical Director of the British Council’s China Financial Sector Training Programme, which placed 229 Chinese financiers from the banking, insurance and securities sectors for up to one year’s work experience in London.

Bob Collins - IT and Finance

Bob Collins Bob Collins has broad international business experience covering UK/Europe, United States and Asia. His business sector involvement has included Finance, Energy, Information Systems and High Technology.  He has held senior positions at Director and Vice President level in the UK and the United States.

Bob's current focus is on the Finance sector.  He leads the Information Systems practice within HR China International as well as advising China Financial Services on international and IT strategy.