How the Program Works

The HR China Referral Rewards Program will pay rewards when candidates you have introduced are successfully placed in jobs by HR China.

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To qualify for the reward, the candidates must have registered on-line after following a web link which includes the referral program member's referrer number. There are two standard ways to provide links:

  • A web page link from a web site or blog
  • A link included in an e-mail to the candidate sent by the program member

  • Rewards are paid at the following (current) rates in US dollars or in the equivalent in one of the alternative currencies selected by program members when they register:

    Reward payment
    per candidate placed
    (US Dollars)
           1 to 4 150
           5 to 9 175
           10 or more     200

    These rates may be changed from time to time at the discretion of HR China and all reward payments are subject to the the program Terms and Conditions

    Once you have registered to join the program, you will be able to login to get details of web and e-mai links, check how many candidate introductions you have achieved and update your registration details and payment preferences.

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