Environmental Social Governance

ESG Training Modules from HR China International

HR China International offers two short training modules which provide an introduction to ESG and Sustainable Stewardship. The modules are targetted at busy Pension Fund Trustees, Asset Managers and Board Directors as well as other staff from financial organisations who need to understand both overall concepts and current practice. The modules are kept updated to reflect developing concepts and expectations, changing regulations, global trends and fiduciary responsibilities. Each module takes 90 minutes and can be delivered through on-site presentation or virtual sessions. PDF copies of the training presentation material is provided to all participants.

ESG Risks and Opportunities Module

  • What are the risks to a financial organisation from Climate Change?
  • What are the unforeseeable environmental risks (BIS Green Swan Events)?
  • What are the differences between Climate Change Risks and Other Risks?
  • What Investment Opportunities does Climate Change present?
  • What is the global market for Green Bonds?
  • What are stranded assets?  Should my bank sell its fossil fuel shareholdings?

Sustainable Stewardship Module

  • How will Green Sustainability and Stewardship affect our work?
  • What are the Regulatory and Reporting requirements we need to meet?
  • Where do we find reliable ESG and SDG metrics, data and indices?
  • What are the metrics for evaluating our own internal performance?
  • Which of our investors is driving demand for ESG products?
  • What can I do at the company level to be more sustainable?
Pricing and Course Delivery
  • Virtual presentation: £25 (GPB) per person per module subject to a minimum fee of £500 per module.  Virtual event platform to be provided by the client.
  • On-site (UK) presentation: £40 (GPB) per person per module subject to a minimum fee of £800 per module. Presentation venue to be provided by the client.
  • Pricing is net of any applicable VAT or sales tax.
  • Alternative arrangements are possible subject to agreed details and price proposals.
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