Privacy Policy & Data Protection Statement

  • HR China International and HR Financial use a shared system for data management and web presence.

  • This document covers the data protection measures applying under both service identities and applies to candidates and/or training course applicants who have uploaded their details through one or both of the web sites.

  • Contact with the data controller should be made initially by e-mail using the following e-mail addresses:


  • This statement is applicable from 8 March 2021. The most current version can be found by following the "Privacy Policy" link on the websites:


Providing Personal Data and Giving Consent

  • By uploading your details, which may include a CV/resume file, on our website, you are consenting to the retention of this information and its use in support of our recruitment and/or training services. You may advise us at any time using one of the e-mail addresses indicated above if you wish to withraw your consent.

Personal Data Held

For recruitment candidates, the following information may be held:

  • The copy of your CV/resume uploaded on our web site

  • Data entered on the registration form (some of which are optional items) as follows:

          First and last name
          Chinese name (HR China only)
          E-mail address
          Telephone number
          Country of residence
          Company (at time of registration or update)
          Position (at time of registration or update)
          Salary (at time of registration or update)

    Also recorded are the time at which the data is uploaded and the IP address of the device or network used to access our web service.

  • Any additional data provided by you by e-mail/e-mail attachment or other means to HR China or HR Financial in relation to your job search and/or specific opportunities identified by us.

  • Any notes taken as a result of a conversation or interview held between yourself and HR China/HR Financial
For applicants for a course offered on-line through HR China/HR Financial, we record the following information:

  • Data entered on the registration form (some of which are optional items) as follows:

          First, middle and last names
          Date of Birth
          E-mail address
          Telephone number
          Area of Work/Discipline
          Additional Information (as provided on the on-line form)
          IP address of the device or network used to access our web service
          Date of submission

Purpose of the Data and Sharing with 3rd Parties

  • Any personal data held by HR China/HR Financial is solely for use in connection with our recruitment and/or training services. We do not provided personal to other organisation for any other purposes.

  • For recruitment candidates, we will only provide data to potential employers with your explicit consent. If you have applied for a specific position, your application constitutues your consent. If we identity a potential opportuntity for which you have not explicitly applied, we will obtain your consent before sharing your data with the prospective employer.

  • Where a training course is being provided in conjunction with an identified third party, completing the application process constitutues your consent.

  • The above restriction may not apply if we are legally required to pass on data, for example in response to a subpoena, court order or other legally enforecable request by a government authority.

Data Security

  • We do not permit any other organisations to directly access your data.

Your Data Protection Rights

  • You have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

          Request access to your data
          Request correction to your personal data
          Request erasure of your personal data
          Object to processing of your personal data
          Request the restriction of processing of your personal data
          Not to be subject to automated decision making
          Request receipt of your data from a third party or transfer of your data to a 3rd party
          Withdraw consent at any time

  • Any requests related to the above rights should initially be sent to either of the data controller e-mail addresses given above.